You know the sudden urge of completely changing the aura of your house? I had it like 2 weeks back. The boredom of daily casting a look at that plain wall, gazing back at me with equal disinterest was getting quite painful. Therefore, the idea of incorporating some home decor elements, came in clutch when I came across the exceptional collection of Decorative Wall Plates offered by The Quirk India at a pocket friendly price!


The Turkish wall plate designs, filling the entire space with a cool ambience, did make a space for itself in my shortlisted decor plates. The often symmetrical blueprint is very calming and satisfactory to look at besides emphasizing the Turkish culture itself. Particularly, the tones of blue (in frame) uphold an aura that nothing else does. The simplistic features instigate a rather strong sense of serene to make your days sail smoothly, at least in the vicinity of your home.




Walking down your white staircase in a matcha- green gallery, walled with white floral- bird wall plates! Do you get the feeling? I do! The peace and calmness it emits is itself a therapy enough for you to loosen your burdened shoulders and let it all go. Experience the rebirth and renewal of thoughts and energies with the perfect blend of green and white, all while embracing the warmth and enjoying the beauty of a handsomely crafted lobby! New found feelings that I came across while sitting and observing the ambience surrounding me was definitely the most surreal feeling I've had in a while.


Your artificial atmosphere can have a drastic impact on your productivity was a saying I was aware of for a long time, but never got to actually perceive it until now. The cool hues I instigated in my beloved home via these astonishing wall plates, made me enjoy my life better. Coffee mug in hand, the empty poems I used to carve, have a new found inspiration to look forward to!


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